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Recommended Resources

#1 Recommendation by Dr Alex

The top spot belongs to Steve Manning's book “How YOU can Write Your Book On Anything in 14 Days or Less... Guaranteed!

Why? Because Dr Alex now writes his articles 3 to 4 times faster than before AND they are of markedly better quality - after purchasing this incredible resource.

Here's the quote from the interview with Dr Alex:

"The resource that tremendously speeds up your writing is Steve Manning's book 'How YOU can Write Your Book On Anything in 14 Days or Less... Guaranteed!'. This is an expert's step-by-step guide unlike anything I have ever seen. It turns you into a prolific writer - even if you have never done any writing before.

I was rather skeptical when I bought 'How YOU can Write Your Book On Anything in 14 Days or Less... Guaranteed!' because I had already been established as a writer. I had 3 of my books published (one in England and two in Germany), I've written countless articles, and I hold the regular newspaper column in the Adelaide Advertiser [the biggest daily paper in South Australia].

Yet, my only regret is not knowing about this course earlier - I can't believe how sluggish my writing has been before!"



Mailloop software

If you prefer direct control from your Windows PC:

Mailloop completely automates your email marketing - it is the internet email, bulk email, newsletter server, web form processor, customer database, newsgroup poster, and auto-responder solution.

Compared to web-hosted autoresponders, it is dirt cheap - no ongoing fees to pay.


If you prefer web-hosted solution:

Aweber is cost-effective and exceptionally reliable - a real king of automated email marketing. Take a test drive

Affiliate programs

Internet Marketing Center affiliate program

Early in his marketing career, Dr Alex paid $10,000 for the mentoring program by the Internet Marketing Center - their offer was that persuasive!

Because of that we have been the members of the Internet Marketing Center affiliate program for years and it works very well for us - we suggest you check them out too.

Gaming and entertainment sites

Online Casino Guide

Since the inception of online casinos in the mid 90's the growth of this industry has been booming. Online casinos have a huge presence throughout the globe. With so many choices and places to play at online sometimes it's difficult to decide where you should play. Casino Launchpad is a resource that offers a selection of only the top most reputable and trusted online casinos to play at.

Online pokies

"Pokies" is the Australian word for slot machines, the only game that can make you rich instantly when you hit the jackpot - all you need is one lucky spin.

Play pokies just for fun, or for fun and profit - the smart way, with dramatically better winning chances. At Online pokies you'll find out how slot machines operate, and get tips from gaming experts on the probability to win and how to give it a big boost.

Keyword research

Advanced Web Ranking

Get the best search engine ranking software for your website!

It is impossible to design a successful website without knowing which keywords and key-phrases people use to find your business on the Internet, and how strong your competitors are.

Advanced Web Ranking tells you all you need to know, and helps you target your keywords and submit your website to search engines.

Site membership software


For our Underdog Marketing Challenge site we use Amember, which is a powerful membership software for your website, and we recommend it without any hesitation.

A large number of plug-ins means that Amember works with all popular web applications, the control panel is excellent and the support outstanding.

Web hosting


We changed as many as 6(!) webhosting providers in 4 years before finding WebMasters.

We highly recommend them as fast, reliable, cost effective, with a beautifully-organized control panel allowing you to add e-commerce, customer support and other scripts with few clicks.

It includes excellent statistical reporting - great for analyzing your traffic and growing your business.



Play the Game!

After work it is good to relax with a game or two, and Free online games has over 1,500 of them.

Prefer more fun with a chance to win real money? It is all about calculated risks. Online pokies and 3C Gaming have great tips on how to increase your chances. Blackjack fan? Learn the Blackjack strategy before playing.

You can find some quality online poker games and reviews at such as PokerStars Marketing Code and this PKR Bonus Code.

Online Texas holdem is a strategic game – to win in the long run you need to outsmart your opponents. When you start out it can be a good idea to try the play money on line poker games before you risk any real money.

Integrated Solutions

Creative Suite

Antechinus® Creative Suite is a set of powerful programs working together to allow you to:

1. Quickly and easily create resources (animations, videos, images and sound)

2. Use the resources in powerful editors to create web sites, content, applications and components, and

3. Deploy your creations on the Internet

Click here to discover Creative Suite



Security Suite

Antechinus® Ultimate Security Suite lets you fortify your computer against all threats - without compromising your browsing experience and your PC performance.

- Protect your privacy, and data

- Eliminate your digital trail and guard your confidential information

- Browse the web undetected

- Eliminate spam, spyware, adware, trojans and other scumware

Take a look at Ultimate Security Suite