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Keyword Research: the key to snowballing your Internet sales

What is keyword research?

Keyword research lets you uncover the exact key-phrases your potential customers are typing to find your product/service – the key-phrases few other sites are competing for – and grab them instantly to skyrocket your revenue before your competitors find out about them.

On the Internet, most people find the products and services they need through Google and other search engines. What exactly do they type in the search box that is of high relevance to your business? Do the keyword research to find out.

Many businesses make the same mistake of making an assumption as to which keywords and key-phrases are important to them.

As a result:

  • They miss out on a vast number of relevant key-phrases and unnecessarily limit their market, and

  • They go for key-phrases that are hard to get, competing unsuccessfully with thousands of other businesses.

When you complete the keyword research, you eliminate the guesswork. You will know – precisely:

  • The key-phrases your potential customers are typing to find your product/service

  • The exact number of competing websites for every phrase

  • How many visitors you stand to gain daily on each individual phrase

  • You will be able to tell with competence how likely your products and services are to succeed in the local and global markets

  • You will know – will certainty – how much money you stand to gain on the Internet, from your entire business and from your individual products

  • You will be able to apply, with merit, the formula to invest in marketing for the amazing return on investment

  • You gain professional knowledge to be able to convert your visitors into loyal customers.

By relying on keyword research, you are able to better define your market and get “qualified” visitors, i.e. people who are interested in your products and more likely to do business with you.

Example 1

Here is an example: when doing keyword analysis for JavaScript Editor, the main product on our site, we found out that every day on average 36 people type the phrase fixing javascript bugs into the search engine – and not finding what they are looking for.

This phrase is very relevant because our JavaScript Editor meets the visitors’ needs perfectly with its innovative and fully-integrated JavaScript debugger.

After applying two of our Internet marketing strategies we claimed the top spot on page one of the Google search. On average, this key-phrase alone is bringing in around 13,140 visitors per year on the C Point site. At the 2.1% conversion rate, this means 276 customers, and with the average first order of US$62.11 it represents the annual revenue of US$17,142.36.

This is not bad for a single day's work of search engine optimizing to capture the key-phrase.
How much do you stand to gain from key-phrases that are relevant to your business?

Example 2

Here is another example: the website of Australian International Recruitment Services used to be Keyword research revealed that the vast majority of relevant searches had keywords “jobs” and “Australia”. By comparison “employment” and “Australia”, or “work” and “Australia” combinations were comparatively rare.

Armed with this knowledge, we set out to find the best possible domain name, and came up with

Needless to say, domain names, titles and headers play an important role in indexing a web site. Furthermore, it is absolutely crucial from the visitors’ perspective.

Ask yourself:

  • What is easier for you to remember, or

  • If you were looking to migrate and start working in Australia, which one would you click on when you see them side-by-side, or


The keyword research is the foundation to bringing qualified traffic to your website. It is also essential when you need to obtain the funding to grow your business because it lets you determine the size of the potential market, and the size of the slice your business can win.

What do you prefer:

1. Do-it-yourself. [ Check out advantages and disadvantages. ]

2. Do it with mentoring. [ Check out advantages and disadvantages. ]

3. Have it done. [ Check out advantages and disadvantages. ]


While there are several keyword research services available, the one we recommend is Word Tracker because it is one of the oldest and most reliable, and because it is so straightforward and easy to use.

Most other keyword research tools use the data they obtain from Word Tracker, so why not go straight for the source?

A quick keyword research to gauge the interest for a given product/service only takes minutes. Allocate 2-3 hours if you want to go in-depth and explore every possibility.


Doing everything on your own can be daunting and overwhelming - if you prefer step-by-step approach with support every step of the way, consider joining the 12-step online mentoring program: the Underdog Marketing Challenge.

Apart from fast-tracking your business, you uncover a LOT more using the media best-suited to your learning style in a self-paced environment:

  • For a hands-on approach, the Challenge gives you all the know-how, tools and resources you need.

  • If you delegate all of the actual work to others, the Challenge gives you the knowledge of what needs to be done, how and when .

Note that the Challenge uses a totally new PR-based approach to marketing, which is suitable for early takers looking for innovative and rewarding solutions rather than people who are only comfortable with the same-old.
Before signing up, make sure the Challenge it right for you.

Underdog Marketing Challenge

When it comes to keyword research, it is explained in detail as part of the Challenge, including the extra ingredient: how to find out whether people searching on given keywords do it with the intention of buying, or are just browsing.


In terms of money, delegating the job to professionals costs a lot more than doing it yourself. In terms of time, however, it is the cheapest option - provided the you know precisely what needs to be done.

If you have you own web developers and graphics artists, or prefer letting companies bid for working with you at Elance or rent-a-coder, we suggest completing the 12-step Underdog Marketing Challenge for the unparalleled understanding of the role of your website, PR, marketing within your overall strategy.

Our team can assist you with what we're good at - please check our Guide to Services - or advise you where to look for solutions if the job does not fit our field of expertise.