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Dr Alex


It's an honor that you'd like to know more about me, and to this aim on this page I share with you some of my thoughts, achievements and shortcomings.

In this picture, taken from a conference in Melbourne, I am delivering a speech and looking all businessy...

...but the truth is that I prefer jeans and a t-shirt to a suit and tie :)

I am a single father of two, make my living from Internet businesses and writing, and I am generally a good guy.

On uni degrees

I have a B.A. in English Literature, B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Science, and Ph.D. in Computer and Information Science from the University of South Australia (UNISA). Well, having one or more uni degrees does not necessarily make you an educated person - but it sure makes finding a job easier :)

In my case it didn't help much, though: the closest I ever came to being an employee was one year I spent as a university lecturer on a contract. To me, minding my own businesses and helping others with theirs is always more satisfying than being an employee.

You see, when I was a kid my father told me that to keep my life interesting I should be changing either jobs or women. Believe me, it is much easier to change jobs, which is probably why I am interested in so many things, too many in fact. Why too many? Because your eye is no longer on the ball, your energy is no longer focused, and this stops you from getting to the very top in one chosen discipline. Being pulled in too many directions is my main weakness.

Having too many interests is not practical - but it makes life more fun :)

On marriage

In my relationships I am faithful to the core, and I was married for 16 years before my wife got tired of me. What can you do...

Two years after the divorce I had a serious relationship with a lovely lady (albeit somewhat younger than myself) and nearly got married again, but it was not to be. Ah, to cut a long story short I've been single for so long that I probably no longer present a good value for the opposite sex... but I am hopeful... and I don't give up.

My son and daughter mean the world to me and I am lucky to have some truly wonderful friends. Let's not forget Buffy (the Vampire Slayer), my spirited Pomeranian x Chihuahua, who provided the inspiration for the 'underdog' in my book Underdog Marketing.

On success

Success comes in many forms. You are a success if your family and friends love you and respect you; if you save a life; if you find a cure for a disease; if you create wealth; if you win at Wimbledon, if you beat an addiction...

The list is endless and very relative - we all define success in terms of what is important to us.

Before I started writing books and running Internet businesses, I toured the world as a chess player. In 1987 I won the title of an International Chess Master; winning games and tournaments felt great; holding a trophy with a money-prize in my pocket felt great...

...but the feeling of representing Australia in two Chess Olympiads, in Manila (Philippines) in 1992 and Elista (Kalmykia) in 1998, now that's something hard to compete with. In two Olympiads I played the total of 20 games and only lost one, either winning or drawing all other games.

If you'd like to see a good fight, here are few selected games:

Dr Alex vs Grandmaster Fernandez Garcia (Spain) in 1992, 1-0
Click here to see it

Grandmaster Daniel King (England) vs Dr Alex in 1988, 0-1
Click here to see it

Grandmaster Ian Rogers (Australia) vs Dr Alex in 1985, 0-1
Click here to see it

With my reasonably good chess skills I was lucky to teach some of the bright young minds. Seeing your students win is just fantastic: one won the Youth World Championship, twelve won the Australian Championship titles for their age groups, and great many won the State Championships. My success was contributing to their success. It felt great! Giving your attention to people other than yourself generally adds value to your life.

I represented Australia at one more occasion - in a business-building competition of all things :) - in 1997 as one of 4 members of the UNISA team, the EDS Business Case Challenge in Plano, Texas. We went as far as semi-finals.

On mistakes

I'd like to be able to tell you I am a genius creating instant success stories - but the truth is, I make more mistakes than many. Here are some that are stuck in my memory:

  • Registering the meaningless domain name for my first website
    The name of the c-point.com website has nothing to do with the nature of the business, making it twice as hard to get the good search engine ranking, get people to remember it, and associate it with products on it.

  • Creating and releasing products with disregard for the demand and the competition
    The result was a total waste of time and effort on products like Web Effects (a visual web editor no-one noticed) or Quick Setup (yet another setup program), which had to be retired without ever breaking even.

  • Naming a software product range "Antechinus ®"
    This is the name no-one can remember or even pronounce! By the way, antechinus is a cute (but utterly unknown!) Australian marsupial. Only 5% of the males survive the mating season, the rest get so wired-up that they do not know when to stop and die of exhaustion (ah, with any luck I'd like to go this way in my old age!).
    I thought I was being clever, but giving the name of a sex-crazed animal no-one knows to the product range was quite simply a silly thing to do.  

However, the biggest mistake I ever made, dwarfing all the others by comparison, was trying to do everything myself. I don't think that even 48-hour day would have been enough for me - and I was slow to realize it! It took me years and several burnouts to overcome this madness and start forging partnerships.

What can you do... you cut your losses, learn from your mistakes, and get on with your business.

On what I love to do

My work (helping people reach their goals - see below) is something I truly enjoy because it is interesting, gives me a great feeling of accomplishment, and monetary rewards too. When people I help achieve success I am happy for them, and knowing that I contributed to it is fantastic - and it inspires me to do more.

I also love spending time with my family and friends, beach-going, snow-skiing, playing a tune on my guitar, having a karate work-out (I got brown belt from Go-Kan-Ryu), playing games, writing, traveling...

...or sometimes just quietly listening to the music and reading :)

On my business: helping people to accomplish twice as much in half the time

In business terms, I assist people in reaching their optimal Personal Productivity and Time Management - which all sounds very abstract. Quite simply, I help people to reach their goals by making tiny, easy-to-accomodate changes to how they do things :)

If you were to measure how you spend your time during the day, you'd me amazed as to how much is wasted on distractions, interruptions, browsing the web for tips (we like to justify it as "research"), checking your email...

...and you'd be even more amazing as to how much more you can accomplish in one day just by making few simple changes to your daily schedule.

By the way, do you know what 97% of people do when they want to accomplish more? They work longer hours! This comes at a hefty cost of having less personal time, putting your relationship under stress, wearing your body down, and enjoying life less.

Trust me, being always "busy" is not something to be proud of - being truly productive does not mean working every day from morning to evening. It means spending LESS time working, while producing work of such great quality and quantity that others are simply unable to match.

If you're like me and and would like to put an end to procrastination, eliminate interruptions and distractions and accomplish way more than you currently do in less time, visit my How to be Productive blog for free productivity and time management tools and videos - you'll be glad you did.

On what I write about

I've written a book on clever ways to secure insane amounts of publicity for your business:
"Underdog Marketing:
Enrich Your Reputation, Fashion Free Publicity and Wrestle Your Market Share from the Top Dogs

How to contact me

My email address used to be here, but instead of getting fan mail from beautiful women taken by my charm and personality (which I was hoping for), I was getting heaps of spam (a set-back!).

Instead, follow me on Twitter, and use it to get in contact with me.