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Business Expert Penny Power on why making friends online is easy

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Are you an Internet marketing professional?

Internet marketing is changing fast - you might be losing customers already due to outdated techniques.

Stay on top with the free and the most up-to-date source on Internet marketing in the world: Internet Marketing News service.

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Sites like Stock Charting Software make all of their revenue as affiliates.

Put to use little-known strategies for recruiting an army of affiliates to sell your products:

Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Private Label Rights

This comprehensive step-by-step tutorial guides you through all the phases of building your own PLR business.

How to build your online empire with Private Label content and Resell Rights

Making it on eBay

Will you be the next person to join the eBay millionaires' club?

The eBay guide to riches

Email Marketing

This free on-line Email Marketing tutorial gives you everything you need to know to make the killing with email marketing

  • Step-by-step approach

  • Clear, easy-to understand explanations

  • Includes entire marketing campaign as an example

Email marketing for newbies and professionals

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Check out the proven tools and resources we use all the time. They help your business and make your life easier.

A pretty good article for local companies and local seo from Mat at Wordpress-Expert

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- PokerStars Marketing Code
- Stock Trading Software

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- Maree Maney
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What's for sale on this site?

In short: NOTHING. Everything on Dr Alex Marketing is free, including all business-building tutorials, tools and strategies. Why? Because we're into relationship building and want you to benefit first from the quality information on how you can use the Internet to publicize your business.

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Fast-track Your Business: Totally New Approach to Marketing

Do you find you're wondering how on earth can you wrestle off your chunk of the market when the competition is so incredibly tough?

Had enough of boring and expensive traditional advertising and want to try something completely new and innovative?

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